Welcome Mississippi!

The Nsm is happy to present a new addition to the family, Mississippi Unit.

This site will be used to coordinate events, recruit members, and update everyone on current events in the organization. Please feel free to contact the Unit Leader at nsmmsunit@gmail.com if you have any suggestions or questions. We will do everything we can to make this unit thrive and grow larger. Every person matters because with every new member we show others that we are the right way and we are the future. Together we CAN make a difference. We can make them listen. We shall march in the streets! We shall speak out against the people who wish to destroy our culture! We will fight!

"obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken." - Adolf Hitler

Monday, August 17, 2009

NSM Southeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference


On August 29th, 2009 the NSM Southeast/Mid Atlantic will hold their Regional 2009 meeting. All members of the States of PA,DE,MD,VA,WV,NC,SC,FL,AL & GA are asked to attend this important meeting and training seminar. All NSM members are welcome to attend this event from 10AM-4PM on Saturday . The NSM then will host a meet and greet for supporters and interested parties from 4PM-6PM to come and see what makes the NSM the fastest growing and most active White Civil Rights group in the Country! Commander Jeff Schoep will be in attendance along with many other exciting speakers! Don't miss this opportunity! Later that evening plans are being made for entertainment and comradeship!

Please contact


for more information. A limited amount of literature and merchandise will be available.

This is a business meeting and a non-uniformed event. Attire is business casual.

My husband and myself will be in attendence at this meeting. We hope to see lots of new people there.

After Action Report for Anti-Gay Protest!




At around 12:30pm on June 13, several members of the NSM-MO unit, accompanied by NSM Ambassador and his wife, participated in our Adopt-a-Highway Program clean up by removing trash along the West Bypass and Sunshine Ave area in Springfield, Mo. We finished around 4 pm. Also in attendance were two Italian reporters and a photographer from the NY Times. A total of 16 bags of trash were picked up from both sides of the street. One woman stopped and said that she appreciated what we were doing and that she supported our thoughts and our right to free speech. We gave her a flyer for the gay protest the following day and she said she was going to take it to her church and share it. Several others drove by and gave us the usual grief of calling us names and telling us that we are “number one”.

Around 7pm several members met with the Italian press again for a sit down interview and general conversation. We talked about why people fear us and their misunderstanding of who we really are; how our children benefit from being in the Viking Youth; and how we relate to gays, blacks, and Mexicans. Over all it was a good interview with lots of input from everyone.

At around 9pm we all headed out to distribute close to 3000 flyers pertaining to our scheduled "gay pride" festival protest, using both the ticketing method and the mid-night commando run. There were no incidents during the flyer run. A few people told us that they agreed with us completely and that we were doing the right thing. There is support in Springfield; we just have to pull them out of their shell. After the flyer run we all gathered back at SPU head quarters for a good nights rest.

On June 14 at around 1:30pm, 12 NSM Members congregated on Commercial Street in Springfield, Mo to protest the "gay pride" festival sponsored by the local Glo Center. We were on the scene for roughly 3 hours, with little to no response from the gays and anti-protesters who had gathered in a feeble display of deviance and misguided loyalties. At one point the gays were coming to our side of the street and trying to talk to us. Sergeant Keene asked the officers standing around if that meant that we could go to there side of the street. The officer responded with “Sure, but that is private property unless you stay on the sidewalk.” As soon as one of the gays dared us to come to their side we headed over there. One of the lesbians decided to get in the face of SS Lt. Boswell and start screaming at him. He stood his ground yet never touched her or anyone else. When the officers realized that she was not going to back off they came and pushed her back away from SS Lt. Boswell. We stayed and flew our flags until around 4:30 when we broke for dinner and time to cool off. It was about 90 degrees out and we didn’t have any shade.

When we returned from dinner and camaraderie close to 7pm we were greeted by the anticipated mixed responses of the public at large, along with jeers and profanity from the gays and anti-protesters. We were joined by several local supporters that stood along the sidelines and one that stood with us. While there were several encounters between both sides involving local law enforcement, no NSM member or supporter was arrested or even ask to leave the premises. Unfortunately, or depending on how you look at it fortunately, the same could not be said for the gays and counter-protesters; as several of them were removed by both law enforcement and event staff under threat of criminal charges. We remained until the events end around 9pm.

Shortly after leaving the event, we re-assembled at the SPU headquarters for refreshments and camaraderie where much fun was had by all until our comrades started to leave for home. As usual we are already gearing up for the next event in two weeks in Mississippi. We can’t wait to see everyone again!

Hail NSM!

This is not an official NSM video, but this is some of the stuff that happened at the protest. The Ambassador made it.

NSM Tupelo After Action Report

Tupelo MS June 27 th Meet & Greet



There were NSM members and Supporters at this event plus media from Belgium. On Wednesday NSM member Renee' went to a local barber shop in our town and had her head shaved and donated the hair to Locks of Love from the NSM. The Springfield, MO unit made an 8 hour drive, and ST. Matt C. from the Chicago Unit flew into the Memphis, TN airport. A MS supporter made a 5 hour drive from south MS to attend. Interviews and documentary filming started when my wife and I arrived at the hotel at 0900. Friday night everyone made it into the hotel in New Albany, MS. At 2100 we all went to Tupelo to check out the park. After scouting the park we began a flyer run around the Tupelo area. We distributed 500 flyers via rolled newspapers in residential areas. Afterwards we went to the local Wal-Mart with a box of 2000 event flyers, about 200 random NSM flyers and began leafleting cars in the parking lot. Sgt. Keene gathered the six members that were with her and left the scene. I followed suite with the three members I had.

Saturday at 0900, I took 3 members with me to the park to set up for the event At 1000 we all met at GumTree Park in Tupelo. Most of the day consisted of the members enjoying each other's company and speaking with the Belgium media. About noon, I joined my wife's actions and had my head shaved in front of the media at the park and donated to Locks of Love.

A supporter showed up and stated that he had received a flyer in his driveway. He stayed for a few hours and spoke with most of our members. He had to stop and ask for directions because he had never heard of GumTree Park. Upon leaving he took an application as well as stickers and other available media that we had to distribute.

Speaking with the police later that evening, I discovered where we had made our mistake. To put it bluntly, we did our job too well. Turns out. the park location was in the middle of the worst part of town. It was surrounded by low income housing and ghetto. The P.D. stated that they have to have numbers to enter that specific area. The pavilion was covered in gang graffiti and we spent parts of the day cleaning used syringes and other drug paraphernalia from the playground and park area. They stated that they were very impressed with us. Normally white people who enter the area are harassed and very seldom visit the area, which explains why no one knew where the park was located!

An independent journalist came to the meeting about an hour before we shut it down at 1700. In his words, “we scared the $*^# out of everyone.” “Even when the KKK holds an event, they are harassed and threatened by the black community.” We had no conflicts with them, despite being in the middle of gang territory. NSM members showed up flying Swastika flags and blasting pro-white music, with no opposition. The local news paper, The Daily Journal, had cancelled their interview due to their reporters being scared of us, so they hired an independent reporter to come out instead. Needless to say we had no local media coverage.

The best part of the event was when we went road side flying flags and passing out leaflets to motorists passing by. There were two conflicts the entire day. First, a white passer by stopped on the roadway and began harassing us. After a short shouting match, and failed attempts to get him to come out and fight for his people, he made a mortal threat and I rushed the car. He peeled off and the cops pulled him over before he made it to the next street and ticketed him for harassing us! The second conflict, a member and I returned to the pavilion to get water and escape the 101 degree heat. At that time a passerby, white guy, stopped and attempted to rip my NSM flag off the pole. Ten of our members rushed at him, but made it there about 5 seconds after the police arrived and detained him. Later that night we all returned to the hotel where we held an after party and BBQ.

We had flyers, stickers, White Power CD's, DVD's of all NSM videos on YouTube, buttons, Renee' brought leaflets from her Missing Children Project and Sgt. Keene had Prison Outreach materials. Food and Drinks were on site as well as a TV and DVD player that played all our our collected NSM news footage and a 220w stereo that blasted White Power music throughout the projects. We had several local residents interested in the NSM that left with stickers, white power music and an application. Another successfull NSM event!

A little late on posting, but it was a great meeting. Not too many problems and it was a nice day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

NSM MS Unit's First Meet and Greet!

The NSM Mississippi unit will hold a Meet & Greet / BBQ in northern MS on June 27th. Event reservations are good from 0100 to 2400 on the above date. 24 hours.Contact MS Unit Leader, Ambassador Millican at nsmmsunit@gmail.com or 662-719-0812 for event details.




P O BOX 1585

We accept film and bags from the public at this location
601 452 0954
Pick up service of unbaled/bagged film with other recyclables

We pickup material in:
Southeast - select regions Mississippi
Additional information:


Drop Sites:

Bay Springs, MS
Bay City Furniture
H&R Block, Bay Center Hwy 15
Mama's Restuarant

Collins, Ms
Catfish One, Hwy 49
H&R Block, Main Street

Ellisville, MS
H&R Block, Hal Crocker Road

Forest, MS
H&R Block, Hwy 35S

Hot Coffee, MS
McDonalds Grocery

Laurel, MS
Express Tax, 2929 Ellisville Blvd. (Hwy 11)
Express Tax, 3200 Old Bay Springs Road
H&H Insulation, Hwy 84 East
R&R Insulation, Stone Cut Off Road
Shadowood Apartment Complex, Old Amy Road
Statewide Insulation, Sharon Moss Road

Magee, MS
H&R Block, Pinola Drive

Mendenhall, MS
H&R Block

Mize, Ms
Mize Supply Store
Mize General Store

Morton, MS
H&R Block

Newton, MS
H&R Block

Philadelphia, Ms
H&R Block, 300 Choctaw Town Center

Raleigh, MS
James Grocery & Service 29079 Hwy 18E
Sullivans, Grocery, 263 Magnola Dr.
Wards, Hwy 35 S
Belly of the Whale Pizza, Hwy 35S

Stringer, MS
BP Service Center, Hwy 15

Soso, MS
Greer's Food Center, Hwy 28
Soso Short Stop #11, Hwy 533 N

Taylorsville, MS
Blakney Carwash, Hwy 37 N
Blakney Laundry, Eaton Street
H&R Block, Corner of Hankins & Eaton Street
King's Funiture, Hwy 28 E
Rainbow Apartments, Hwy 37
Richard's Hardware Store, Hwy 28E
Southern Pine Electric Parking Lot, Eaton Street
Sunflower Food Store, Hwy 37S
Wards, Hwy 28 E


Please look at this site to see what type of plastic you have.


Before depositing plastic items into a bin, please remove and dispose of the lids, then rinse the container. Please put all items in bag and tie securely, your help is greatly appreciated. We are also accepting cans and cardboard.


I've sent this company a message to try to get more drop sites in MS. If you have any suggestions on locations please email me at nsmmsunit@gmail.com. Please speak up and tell me your thoughts!

-Packing Peanuts:

They also have locations in Ohio and Tennesse if anyone is interested.

TUPELO, MS 38804
(662) 690-6500

Pak Mail
1501 W. Jackson Ste. 113
Oxford, MS 38655
(662) 236-9075

Pak Mail
7095 Hacks Cross Road
Olive Branch, MS 38654
(662) 893-1300

Pak Mail
665 South Pear Orchard Rd #106
Ridgeland, MS 39157
(601) 956-2927

(601) 366-3329

-Scrap Metal:

Laurel Recycling Services
24 Ross Johnson Rd.
Laurel, MS 39443
Our phone numbers are:
1(601)425-2079 - Office
1(601)425-2081 - Fax


Tri-Miss Services
503 E StreetJackson, MS

Queen City
416 W. Woodrow Wilson Ave.
Meridian, MS

Vicksburg Recycling
1931 N. Washington St.
Vicksburg, MS

Yazoo Recycling
Yazoo City, MS

Brookhaven Recycling Services
Sawmill Lane
Brookhaven, MS

This place also may have a job opening for a Heavy Equipment Operator.
The date on it is old, but hey, you might as well try if you need a job. Good Luck!


Lacerta Group Inc. We are recyclers of magnetic media and data media products. We buy and sell used, overstock, and overproduction VHS cassettes for recycling and re-use.

MyBoneYard® Recycle MyBoneYard® was created to help people like you recycle electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops in a smart, responsible and eco-friendly way. We are the Simple, Safe and Smart way to recycle your old electronics.

Around Cleveland:

Bag Connection Inc.
301 W. Sunflower St.
Ruleville, MS

4110 Hwy 49
Drew, MS

Brown Brothers Scrap Metal Inc.
423 Central Av.
Cleveland, MS

Sonny's Tire Recyclers
505 Walthall St.
Greenwood, MS

Nationals, News Paper Project, etc.

Hey guys,

I'm doing a little project for Mississippi and I would like you guys to help out too. I've been collecting news papers to make a big scrapbook of what is going on in our state. If you would like to help out please send me a message on newsaxon or an email. My newsaxon username is SchwarzundRot and the email would be nsmmsunit@gmail.com. I know a lot of people get newspapers at their homes and If you save them or want to help, please clip out anything that you think is relevant to the scrap book. I'm going to start posting articles for everyone to read, but I will try to keep it to where the NSM news isn't buried underneath it all.

Also I would like to thank our members who came to Nationals. Two thumbs up guys! Just keep working and coming to rallies and we will get MS on the map in no time. I know some people had to leave before the whole festivities were done, but don't let that make you feel any less important. Every one of you did something that lots of people think about doing, but never do because they are too busy hiding behind a computer screen making excuses! You are good people and I can't wait to see all of you again.

I also want to ask you all to start recycling more. I try to do what I can, but the only place around me is for scrap metal and aluminum cans. If you know of anywhere in MS that takes paper, plastic, glass, etc. Please tell me as I would like to do a little project involving this. If they let you redeem them for money, all the better. This is a good way for you to get a little extra money in your pockets while giving back to the earth a little. Picking up an aluminum can off the ground or a beer bottle is an excellent thing for you to do. If there is not a place in your area for this sort of thing, but you still want to do this, save them and give them to me. I will give you the money for them or donate it to NSM. Whichever you prefer. I know some of you have kids and I'm sure if you let what you get back add up you will be surprised how much you will save. Every little bit helps!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NSM Mississippi in the Newspaper

The Bolivar Commercial did us a favor they didn't intend. They gave us a front page article with the website listed in the article. Please read it. It's not the nicest thing in the world, but I think it will cause people to look at it and wonder what we are about.

Racist Matter Avowed as Trash
by Michael Simmons

Some Cleveland downtown shop owners arrived at work
Monday morning to find an envelope attached to their doors.
The Bolivar Commercial also received the information.
Inside the envelope was propaganda from the National Socialist Movement, a neo-Nazi organization. Composed of eight Poorly written leaflets, a message of anti-semitism and racism was abundant throughout the literature.
"This looks legitimate enough because of the way it was delivered." Chief Buster Bingham said as he dismissed the option it was done as a joke.
After Bingham was informed of the contents of the envelopes, he sent officers to gather remaining ones in the public.
"Basically, it was just the downtown area or businesses." he said. "We started trying to collect as many of these as we could.
"Bingham conferred with the FBI on Monday on the legality of the situation and to notify them in the event there is a future problem.
"They're protected under the First Amendment, but we do have certain laws on how leaflets are distributed." he said. "This is walking a fine line on what is legal and what isn't legal.
"The literature appeared to have been downloaded from the National Socialist Movement's Web site, http://www.nsm88.org/, and distribution angered some residents and even the chief.
"Any positive steps we have had can be set back because of one illiterate person," he said. "Under cover of darkness they delivered these out.
"That doesn't give any substance and to see that shows it was a cowardly act to begin with," he continued.
"They use the liberties people fought and died for for their own ill-gotten gains.
"They're not trying to get a message out - They're trying to see what kind of rise they can get out of the community.
"Bingham urged community members who read the information to dismiss it as ignorance.
"If they get a positive action they'll keep on," he explained."If they get a negative action they'll keep on.
"We need to throw it in the trash because that's all it is and keep on going."

When Leafleting please remember not to use adhesive if you are going to attach something to a building. Use envelopes and rubber bands to attach them to door handles. Also make sure they won't fall on the ground because that can be considered littering. When leafleting and placing them on cars, do so in a public area. NEVER in a personal driveway or on private property. Look for parking lots and things of that nature. Review local laws on things of this nature for more information. If I can think of any more things that should be advisable I will add them to this post.

Thanks for reading!


Relevant Videos